Better health through applied epidemiology

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Ausvet is a private consulting company providing services in epidemiology, disease surveillance, health information systems, program management, risk assessment, data analysis, research and epidemiology training.

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Global reach

Based in Australia, Ausvet works with clients both in Australia and internationally, across a wide range of species, including livestock, aquatic animals, wildlife, plants and human health.

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Random Sampling
Aquatics surveillance training with Evan and Angus in Singapore, 2014

Customised solutions

Ausvet takes pride in combining our passion, vision and technical skill with the highest standards of professional integrity and ethics to create innovative solutions for our clients.

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Disease prevention
Vaccination day for cattle, Siem Reap, Cambodia


Ausvet provides a wide range of training related to epidemiology including disease surveillance, planning, information systems and data analysis.

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Applied Epidemiology

This web site provides information about the company and our work, as well as providing a range of epidemiological resources, including texts and software for download.

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