In the past few years, Ausvet has worked with government and industry in Chile to tackle one of the most important disease problems facing the Chilean salmon industry.

Based on this work, an article entitled ‘Effectiveness of antimicrobial treatment of salmonid rickettsial septicaemia in commercial salmon and trout farms in Chile’ is freely available for download until 2 June 2020 here.

This paper joins other articles published in the same issue of Aquaculture, dedicated to research on fish diseases in salmon and trout farms in Chile.

Led by Jonathan Happold, this new work is providing more evidence on how industry-wide collaboration can improve understanding of disease risk factors and control measures in commercial settings. Here, the team showed that the effect of antibiotic treatment of SRS in Atlantic salmon varies with timing, mortality rate, continuity and farm coverage; while in rainbow trout, antibiotic treatment effects vary with mortality rate, duration, drug, and company- and farm-level factors.

Again, Ausvet consultants are grateful to all stakeholders in Chile for their support, especially the salmon- producing companies