About Ausvet

Ausvet was established in early 1996 to be a leader primarily in the changing spectrum of animal health service delivery through its expertise in epidemiology and program management. The company is held in high regard by livestock and aquatic animal industries and government animal and human health agencies both in Australia and internationally.

Ausvet is an independent, private company dedicated to providing high quality services to the animal and plant industries of Australia and globally. It achieves this by working with industry bodies, government agencies and other organisations and independent scientists and professionals to develop workable solutions which meet clients' needs.

The company's directors and consultants have considerable experience in many facets of animal health including strategic and business planning; agency and program evaluation; project management and review; animal health policy development and implementation; technical aspects of risk analysis, disease surveillance and disease control in a wide range of animal species and environments. The company's expertise is also applied to plant health and public health issues.

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