Community Service

AusVet is passionate about our work and grateful to the industries that support our business. Consequently, whilst AusVet is a commercial business we do provide some professional services pro bono publico. These are usually to individuals or organisations that normally could not afford our services. This pro bono work may take many forms including:

  • Mentoring of students or junior colleagues;
  • Service to professional bodies such as the ANZCVSc (e.g. subsidised training or examining);
  • Reviewing scientific articles for journals or marking theses;
  • Publication of articles to contribute to scientific knowledge;
  • Reduced or free rates for certain consultancies (e.g. to developing countries);

Although AusVet usually identifies our own pro bono opportunities we do welcome the occasional request. We consider these carefully against our skills, available time and commercial realities.

Please contact us for further information.