Our Mission

Better health through applied epidemiology - worldwide

This vision drives our mission, to deliver innovative and practical epidemiological services that improve the health and well being of animals, plants and humans around the world and into the future.

Ausvet's Values

We have a commitment to:

  • excellence
  • creativity
  • integrity and accountability
  • sharing knowledge
  • social responsibility
  • passion and energy

Our approach

We achieve this by applying epidemiological and program management skills in Australia and other countries to:

  • improve the competitiveness of animal and plant industries
  • ensure the safety of animal and plant products
  • improve the health and environment for humans, animals and wildlife.

Ausvet's values are based on combining our passion, vision and technical skill with the highest standards of professional integrity and ethics to create innovative solutions for our clients. We value a balance between work and lifestyle, creating an enjoyable and flexible work environment incorporating a commitment to teamwork and dedication to excellence.

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