The COVID-19 pandemic leaves us all facing uncertainty that is unprecedented in modern times. As well as fears about the spread of the virus, the impacts of controls and reactions to these impacts is causing great concern for many people. Thankfully, we are seeing the best of humanity in many people.

Ausvet is continuing to focus on what we know best – one health, security and innovation.

To manage the disease and to protect the health of each other and our families, Ausvet has brought our team home from wherever they were in the world. From last week we moved to working from home and cancelled further travel. For 20 of our 24 years we didn’t have an office, and for the last four we have had staff on assignment on six different continents, so we have plenty of experience at working remotely. No one knows how long we will need to maintain this approach, but for now it is the new paradigm of work.

The team has applied our skill and experience to our own analyses of COVID-19 data (submitted for peer-review) and policy. In addition, we have made our services available to authorities should they be required.

One of the great threats of the COVID-19 pandemic is maintaining food security globally, but travel may not be possible right now. We have discussed the situation with our clients, and we have been and will continue to deliver on our commitments. The impact of the controls to slow the spread of SARS-CoV-2 creates a great risk for losing control of other communicable diseases. To this end we are continuing to develop and deliver projects on animal health, biosecurity and production; work on global issues such as anti-microbial resistance, livestock traceability, malaria and crop pests; and support disease eradication campaigns and preparedness for other devastating diseases such as African swine fever.

Ausvet looks forward to continuing to do our part in ensuring better health worldwide. As with our own team, we encourage you to take all possible precautions to ensure the health and safety of yourself and your loved ones.

Dr Ben Madin
Managing Director