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From Gossip to Gospel

In 1675, Isaac Newton famously said “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants”. This post traces the pedigree of knowledge presented in a peer-reviewed paper, and quickly enters murky water.

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Upcoming Workshop: Regional Animal Health Surveillance

This three-day workshop will provide fresh, exciting and inspiring ideas about how regional animal health can be  strengthened in a pragmatic and sustainable way.
When: 17-19 November 2018 – a Post-Symposium Workshop at ISVEE 15
Where: Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand
Facilitators: Ausvet plus invited speakers from the Region
Cost: 600 USD
Contact: Jonathan Happold:

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Defining a Mapserver Circle Symbol

Just a quick use case, we required a circle symbol in Mapserver, but our current circles were based on a single point, giving us poor legend outputs (i.e. a . instead of a o ) Mapserver vector symbols are defined using a cartesian coordinates system (no surprises...

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