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Defining a Mapserver Circle Symbol

Just a quick use case, we required a circle symbol in Mapserver, but our current circles were based on a single point, giving us poor legend outputs (i.e. a . instead of a o ) Mapserver vector symbols are defined using a cartesian coordinates system (no surprises...

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Simple Killer Queries

Recently we ran into an example of a 'simple' query that was doing an immense amount of work. There were a number of reasons behind this, but perhaps the most telling part was the difference between the EXPLAIN (which we routinely run on all system queries) and the...

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Seaway distances with PostgreSQL

Seaway distance, or the shortest route between two points via water, is an important measure of risk for disease spread between aquaculture establishments. Salmon aquaculture, for example, is usually located in complex fjords, which means that there are numerous...

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