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Ausvet joins in AgHack 2018

Never one to shy away from a challenge to innovate, Ausvet joined in on the three-day AgHack event (27 to 29 July, 2018) held at Spacecubed in Perth. The Ausvet team comprised Ben Madin, Ben Fitzhardinge, Anne Meyer, Rohan Sadler and Deepti Shukla. The Ministry of...

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From Gossip to Gospel

In 1675, Isaac Newton famously said “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants”. This post traces the pedigree of knowledge presented in a peer-reviewed paper, and quickly enters murky water.

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Upcoming Workshop: Regional Animal Health Surveillance

This three-day workshop will provide fresh, exciting and inspiring ideas about how regional animal health can be  strengthened in a pragmatic and sustainable way.
When: 17-19 November 2018 – a Post-Symposium Workshop at ISVEE 15
Where: Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand
Facilitators: Ausvet plus invited speakers from the Region
Cost: 600 USD
Contact: Jonathan Happold:

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