Swiss consultancy and capacity-building company SAFOSO and Ausvet Europe, a global group of One Health scientists believe greater collaboration will allow both companies to make a bigger impact on the challenges facing public and animal health today.

Together, SAFOSO and Ausvet offer a comprehensive and powerful suite of services and flexible, responsive teams to support their clients.

Teams from both SAFOSO and Ausvet have specialist skills in a wide range of areas including risk assessment, surveillance, biosecurity and epidemiology as well as over 25 years of experience supporting terrestrial and aquatic production systems around the world.

Both companies are driven by a passionate desire to reduce current disease threats and protect against those in the future. Using their technical expertise creatively and drawing on the resources of a variety of different disciplines they are convinced that their collaborative efforts will bring about greater benefit for clients.

The SAFOSO and Ausvet alliance supports the development of stronger biosecurity systems, strengthened surveillance, responsive information systems and the translation of robust science into practical, evidence-based solutions and pragmatic, lasting solutions.
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