Attique Ahmed

Project Manager
A ttique has a dream of experiencing different lifestyles and believes that it can be realised by living in all the continents. Being an Army brat, he travelled throughout Pakistan during his childhood which further enhanced his desire of experiencing different lifestyles.

In 2010, shortly after completion of Mechanical Engineering from one of the prestigious universities in the country, he embarked on a journey to pursue his dream by joining a construction company in Abu Dhabi, UAE. He was posted in the middle of a fascinating desert in Ruwais on the world’s largest petrochemical (polyolefin) complex. This agony finally ended when the project finished. He then he moved to Saudi Arabia to work on series of distinguished construction projects ranging from high-rise buildings, museums, hotels, banks and yet another world’s largest chemical plant (SADARA). During the course of these projects he was involved in planning, monitoring, controlling, testing and commissioning, and handover to the client. Along with his commitments towards the work he kept on attaining professional certifications, and thus became one of the few Portfolio Management Professionals in the world.

Moving forward, he was trusted with the responsibility of managing a multibillion dollar neighbourhood construction project which gave him a unique experience of management of a project with staff of nearly 3,000. He has a number of project, program and portfolio management certifications which gives us comfort that our projects are in safe hands.

Attique loves cricket and is a good allrounder which is no surprise to us considering his all-round abilities in the workplace.

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