Ben Fitzhardinge

Technical Architect

C oding in Basic at the age of 8 on a Commodore 64, started a life long passion of telling computers what to do. In the mid 90s this then shifted to a focus on the internet when volunteering to help build part of the high school’s website.

During the height of the .com boom Ben was part of the first intake for a new (and short lived) Bachelor of Multimedia from Murdoch University, revolving around both Internet Design and Development – what would now be considered Full-Stack Development.

More recently, before starting at AusVet, Ben worked for a major hospital and health sector supplier, building and supporting a number of integrations, applications and web sites, the largest of which was dealing with millions of dollars worth of transactions per day.

Ben is passionate about efficient data manipulation, Agile management philosophies, Python as a solution for everything, music from Jamaica in the 1960s, and sailing as often as he can.

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