Clementine Thuilier

Project & Office Administrator

R aised by the Atlantic Ocean in the French countryside, Clementine has always embraced the opportunities of growing up in a globalising world. She studied at the University of Wales in the United Kingdom, and then at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet).

She left her hometown with an urge to investigate contemporary global issues and the way people relate to them. During a first Masters degree in Comparative Journalism, she investigated the political economy of the media, and the patterns determining the newsworthiness of any given topic. This sparked an interest for all the issues so wide they do not fit in a news format. International conflicts, population displacement, global health, climate change and more. Topics that can hardly be contained in any media format at all. This is how she engaged in a second Masters in Environmental Communication.

After completing her studies, Clem chose to take a trip to Australia and discover what life was like down-under. After backpacking for nine months and working casual jobs, she settled in Perth and entered corporate life, accruing business administration skills and experience. Seven years later, she has a little family, has become an Australian citizen. Clem joined the Ausvet family as Project and Administration Officer in early 2018.

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