Dr Jenny Hutchison


Director & Executive Consultant (Epidemiologist)

Jenny’s interest in large animals became apparent at an early age, demonstrated by the acquisition of as many (individual) farm animals as possible on a peri-urban piece of land on the then outskirts of Brisbane, in Queensland, Australia. This was followed by veterinary studies at the University Queensland.


Seized by the desire to see the world and further her education at the same time, Jenny left Australia and began an internship program in Rural Animal Medicine at the University of Florida. This one-year experience turned into nearly twelve, as she moved from production animal work (herd health, nutrition, reproduction and field surgery) to working in food animal internal medicine at Colorado State University. This residency program was accompanied by a Masters Degree in Clinical Sciences, and it was here that Jenny was first exposed to the wonders and joys of epidemiology. Although she rounded off her advanced medical training by achieving Diplomate status in the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (Large Animal), Jenny’s focus turned to epidemiology, and her passion with the topic began with her PhD program in Colorado.


After completing her PhD and returning to Australia, Jenny worked with both state (WA) and federal departments of agriculture. Most of her work with these entities has been directed at supporting Australia’s international trade in livestock, using her skills in epidemiology, surveillance, zoning for animal disease freedom, and quantitative risk analysis.


Jenny joined Ausvet in 2005. As a senior and experienced veterinary epidemiologist, she has a passion for teaching and training, and enjoys sharing her interests and skills in data science (including data manipulation and visualisation), epidemiology, surveillance, risk analysis and systems underpinning these, including the use of structured query language (SQL), R, and geographical information systems (particularly QGIS).


Jenny is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors’ Company Directors Course. She has been a Director of Ausvet since 2010.
In addition to her hard work, she also takes great pleasure in growing flowers and sharing these with the office.


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