Dr Rohan Sadler

BAg PhD AStat
Consultant (Statistician)
Rohan is an AStat accredited statistician, not everyone’s sane pick of a profession. Coming off a family run wool and wheat farm in Esperance, Rohan started with a Bachelor in Agricultural Science (UWA). However, wool became unprofitable following the wool crash of the late 1980s and so Rohan turned to statistics a few years later as the only thing in his undergraduate degree he didn’t really understand. To compensate he completed a PhD in computational statistics at UWA focusing on ecosystems modelling, approximate inference and image analysis in Themeda triandra grasslands of the Pilbara. Part of the appeal was that math becomes quite beautiful, for lack of better words, once you get past the wrote-learning phase of the first couple of years of undergraduate studies.

Rohan then worked across several postdoc positions, finally finding a home in the School of Agricultural and Resource Economics at UWA, where he remains an adjunct Senior Lecturer. While economists are much maligned, perhaps more so than statisticians, they do have a toolbox for identifying what are good decisions under risk and uncertainty, arguably better than any other science. This was followed by three years with an environmental consultancy developing remote sensing methods to demonstrate compliance of the big miners and oil and gas companies with environmental regulation. Before signing up with Ausvet the last three years has seen Rohan work for himself, including a couple of tilts in the start-up space developing predictive analytics for web platforms.

Outside of analytical problem-solving Rohan enjoys bootcamp, history, his wife’s obsession with succulents and his 19 year old daughter’s obsession with veganism and social justice, when not directly mucking around with his twin seven-year old boys.

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