Evan Sergeant

Senior Consultant

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Evan is an internationally recognised veterinary epidemiologist who has made significant contributions to epidemiology and disease control in Australia at both State and national levels. He has a practical background as a field veterinarian involved in disease control and surveillance programs at the front-end. From this background he has developed a wide range of epidemiological skills, particularly in the areas of disease surveillance and control, data management and analysis, simulation modelling and risk analysis.

Since joining AusVet Animal Health Services, Evan has provided specialist epidemiological support to the national ovine and bovine Johne’s disease programs. He is currently the National Technical Advisor to Australia’s National Johne’s Disease Control Programme, providing technical support to Animal Health Australia, Industry Organisations and State Agriculture agencies on technical issues to do with Johne’s disease epidemiology and control in all species. He was also responsible for significant research findings that were used to support a new direction for ovine Johne’s disease control in Australia. Evan has also been involved in a wide range of epidemiological and surveillance projects in Australia and internationally, including for both terrestrial and aquatic animal health and in 2007 was State Epidemiologist for NSW during the equine influenza eradication campaign.

Evan was an active contributor to the Australian Biosecurity Cooperative Research Centre for Emerging Infectious Disease (ABCRC), leading and participating in numerous projects in the Disease Surveillance Program. In particular he has been a key contributor to the development of scenario tree methodology for analysis of complex surveillance systems for demonstrating freedom from disease, including risk-based methods. He also developed the EpiTools suite of epidemiological utilities (http://epitools.ausvet.com.au), for planning and analysis of surveillance programs and epidemiological studies.

Evan’s other interest is in providing training for field veterinarians and other animal (including aquatic animal) health professionals in epidemiological principles, disease surveillance methods, risk analysis and practical use of R software for data analysis and presentation. Evan has run short courses on a variety of epidemiology and surveillance related topics for the ABCRC, in-house for Government agencies in Australasia and independently (see http://training.ausvet.com.au for details). He has also been co-trainer in numerous training courses on the risk-based surveillance and using the scenario-tree methodology to quantify confidence of freedom from disease using complex surveillance systems.


Doctor of Philosophy, University of Queensland, 2003

Membership of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists (Epidemiology), Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists, 1989

Bachelor of Veterinary Science, University of Sydney, 1978