Epidemiology Consultant and Senior Consultant positions available in Europe

Ausvet is a private One Health Epidemiology consulting company working around the globe on a huge range of challenging projects – surveillance, risk analysis, epidemiological study design and implementation, research into sustainable disease risk management, antimicrobial resistance, surveillance information systems, digital tools for AMR stewardship, disease risk modelling and much more. Our work involves terrestrial and aquatic animals, humans, crops and the environment. Our subsidiary company based in Lyon, France is continuing to grow and we are adding new positions to our epidemiology team based at Ausvet Europe.

We are looking for talented and passionate, inquisitive and creative early- and mid-career epidemiologists, who are unafraid to use their advanced training and skills to pragmatically address real-world challenges that they may have never encountered before. Our team members use a varied toolkit, including solid epidemiological reasoning, statistics, sociology, data management, systems analysis and design, communication, economics, international development, training and presentation skills. Ausvet considers skills in statistical tools like R and database management (SQL) to be core competencies for epidemiologists – if you don’t have them already, you will be expected to learn them. We are particularly interested in those that have embraced the data-driven nature of epidemiology and are comfortable working with appropriate technology, be it launching a cloud server for complex analysis, mining Big Data for new insights, developing Python code for a spatio-temporal model, or creating a web-based database to solve your colleagues or stakeholders’ data management and analysis needs.

For the senior consultant role, we are also looking for leadership potential, and a desire to mentor a team and guide projects to successful conclusions – epidemiological excellence delivered on time and on budget. Senior consultants are also expected to take a strong role in developing new projects, with a record of successful funding applications and strong networks.

This call will remain open until the positions are filled. For more information, check the detailed descriptions and application requirements at http://www.ausvet.com.au/careers

In addition to the Senior Consultant role, we are looking for a couple of new epidemiologists to join our team with Ausvet Europe in France.

Epidemiologist with special talents in information systems.
We are seeking an epidemiologist with a passion for developing and using epidemiological information systems. An important part of our work involves developing and implementing information systems to capture, manage, analyse and report on disease and other associated information. Using epidemiological, sociological and IT skills, our systems focus on the needs of field users, providing epidemiologically rigorous analysis supported by the latest technical innovations.

Epidemiology Consultant
The consultant is primarily responsible for using their technical expertise to provide a range of project consultancy services in support of Ausvet’s business. This includes contributing to the development of projects, the provision of expert and timely advice to clients and other stakeholders, guidance and support on epidemiological issues, and monitoring and evaluation throughout the project life cycle. Through the application of high-level analytical and conceptual skills, the consultant undertakes complex data management and epidemiological data analysis tasks and contributes to the development of effective processes and systems. The consultant also undertakes tasks relating to delivering training and conducting literature reviews. In the first instance, the position will also support (approximately 50% time) a large 5-year international research project in Vietnam and Indonesia, leading a work packaged focused on understanding producer attitudes to participating in surveillance and adopting market-driven risk mitigation activities for zoonoses, transboundary animal diseases and antimicrobial resistance.

Check out our careers page for more details.